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    日期:2018-05-22   來源:http://www.4dez.com/

      1. The working efficiency of the long arm excavator is closely related to the operation technology of the driver. The driver of the long arm excavator should have the skillful operation technique, and try to use the compound operation as far as possible to shorten the working cycle time of the excavator.


      2. In the construction organization, the long arm excavator should draw up the driving route of the dump truck in advance and remove the unnecessary ramp. For the excavators, there must be an empty return road to avoid interference between the dump trucks when they enter and exit. The operating roads should be kept good and good for the operation of dump trucks.


      3, the technical condition of the long arm excavator has great influence on its productivity, especially the power performance of the engine. In addition, the cutting resistance of bucket will be increased by 60%-90% when the bucket teeth are worn, so the blunt bucket teeth should be replaced.


      4, correctly carry out the construction organization design. The number and carrying capacity of the dump truck fitted with the excavator should meet the requirements of the excavator's production capacity, and the capacity of the dump truck should be the integer times of the excavator bucket capacity.


      At the same time, we try to use the double loading method to fill the excavator with one, and then put it next. As two dump trucks are parked in the arc line of excavator bucket, the bucket is full and the reverse can be filled with another car, thus improving the loading efficiency.


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