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    日期:2018-05-18   來源:http://www.4dez.com/

      On the basis of the existing excavators, the evaporator (air conditioner), radiator and hydraulic radiator are reformed, and five centimeters of space is left between the radiator and the hydraulic radiator, and the evaporator is installed, and then both sides are sealed so that the outside air can not be entered.


      In this way, the thermal expansion valve can be refrigerated to zero 5~10 degrees. The fans of the engine suck the cold air, heat the hydraulic radiator and radiator, then cool down, and finally blow to the engine and the big pump to cool down.


      If the engine and hydraulic temperature is below 50 degrees Celsius, the compressor will stop; if the temperature is above 75 degrees Celsius, then the refrigeration compressor will work automatically. At this time, only to ensure that the engine and hydraulic system temperature within 50~60 degrees Celsius, the excavator can run normally, and achieve the best operation results.


      The deflection correction of the pile body. The abdominal bending correction is the support point fixed on the two ends of the Larsen steel sheet pile, and the jack top on the Longmen type top beam is corrected by cold bending at the concave and convex section of the steel sheet pile.


      The lateral bending correction is usually carried out on the special correction platform. The ends of the bending section of the Larsen steel sheet pile are fixed on the support of the correction platform. The bending section of the jack top pressure Larsen steel sheet pile on the platform is corrected with the side of the bending section of the Larsen steel sheet pile to be corrected by cold bending.


      Correction of surface defects. First, clean the rust and oil stains near the surface of the defects, then repair them by welding and then grind them.


      The highlights of this article are from the detailed description of the long arm excavator rental. Please click on our official website: http://www.4dez.com/, thank you for coming.


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