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    日期:2019-12-12   來源:http://www.4dez.com/
      Now people's living standards have improved, and all kinds of prices are rising, especially the oil price. Therefore, how to save fuel without affecting the normal work and service life of the excavator's extension arm has become a topic of concern for many people. Here are some suggestions.
      1. 防止發動機空轉
      1. Prevent the engine from idling
      Even if the pump idles, there will still be oil circulating in the pump and consuming fuel. If one hour of the 10 hours of work per day is idle, then, if idle can be avoided, about 20 sounds can be saved each month, and about 230 liters of fuel can be saved each year. Therefore, in the process of daily loading or excavation, you can stop for a long time midway. Try not to open the idle speed of the excavator and "wait". You should work and rest to save more fuel. This is one of the secrets of the excavator to save fuel
      2. 防止過載壓力損失
      2. Prevent overload pressure loss
      When the excavated sand and stone are overloaded, even if the control lever of the operating machine is pulled, it will not move and will be in the state of pressure loss. If the running time of 10 hours in a day is 6 minutes in the state of loss of pressure, if the loss of pressure can be prevented, about 70 liters of diesel can be saved every month, and about 840 liters of diesel can be saved every year. This cost is close to 5000 yuan.
      We all know that the problem that shovel can't solve can be solved in two parts. Otherwise, it will not be worth the loss of both machine and fuel consumption.
      3. Reduce engine speed
      Although reducing engine speed will affect its working ability, it can greatly reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel consumption efficiency. Of course, if this doesn't lead to inefficiency, which in turn leads to employers losing their jobs.
      4. 減小旋轉角度
      4. Reduce the rotation angle
      Reducing the turning angle of dump truck during loading can shorten the working cycle, increase the workload per unit time, and improve the efficiency of fuel consumption.
      This is also the most effective way to save fuel. Many drivers often don't think of this in loading and unloading operations, so they spend a part of unworthy fuel money.
      5. 走路時降低引擎速度
      5. Reduce engine speed when walking
      The faster the engine revs, the more fuel it uses to walk. By reducing the running speed of the engine, the fuel consumption efficiency can be improved.
      6. 高水平的開采
      6. High level mining
      In the excavation site, the cycle time of high excavation is shortened by about 12% and the oil consumption is increased by about 8% compared with low excavation.


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